Ding Dong the Republican Health Care Bill is Dead!

After months of protests and town halls filled to bursting with livid voters, GOP senators took to heart the concerns of their constituents. Realizing tax-payers deserve functional, affordable health care, and determined to improve upon the Affordable Care Act, Republicans brought to life the comprehensive plan they’ve been constructing for eight years.

Nah, I’m just fucking with you.

Mitch McTurtle and his reptilian friends dropped another hot deuce on the senate floor (actually, they squeezed this one out in a private back room, but you get the idea). “Improvements” were made to the American Health Care Act (now called the Better Care Reconciliation Act), but it’s basically the same dump in a slightly sweeter smelling toilet. Medicaid? Screw it.  Tax cuts for the very (very) rich? Still got ’em. Have a pre-existing condition? Sucks to be you! And just forget about women. We all know the only thing Republicans want to do with women is fuck ’em (and fuck ’em over).


mitch mcConnell photo                                                                            Photo by Gage Skidmore

Misogynist in a half shell …! 


What else does the BCRA have in common with the AHCA? Pretty much everybody hates it. Ted Cruz and his cronies think it doesn’t screw over the poor enough, and more moderate conservatives are concerned with the massive cuts to Medicaid (or maybe they’re concerned about facing the wrath of their constituents, whatevs). After several delays and a lil’ double dealing, it looks like ol’ turtle face will be forced to give up the ghost. As of this posting, two more GOP senators have jumped ship (Jerry Moran and Mike Lee), which means the Better Care Reconciliation Act is dead on arrival. Ka. Boom.

Don’t pop those bottles yet. If we’ve learned anything about these swamp monsters it’s that they’re as stubborn as they are evil. You can bet they’re going to try and feed us the same shit sandwich again very soon.


So what can you do?

Call your senator (if you can’t vote for ’em, they don’t give a damn about your opinion). Even progressive Democrats.  Let them know what you think of the Better Care Reconciliation Act  … or just say, “It’s time for single-payer healthcare in the United States.” I mean, right …?

While you’re making calls, give Howard Dean a ring (or hit him up on Facebook). That slimy turncoat is now employed by the insurance lobby and has been flappin’ his trap against a single-payer solution. That’s not cool, man. In fact, it’s disgusting.


Also, Treat Yo’self

See Mitch Go!