Resistance Fatigue Won’t Stop Us

‘Cause snowflakes ain’t quitters.

The past 174 days have been a real shit show, haven’t they? If you’re like me you keep waiting for things to chill the fuck out for, like, a minute. Hell, even the Drumpf posse must be tired … Feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of bullshit is understandable. But, unlike #45, we aren’t gonna just dip out for a game of golf (or 35 games).


Kellyanne Conway photo                                                                              Photo by Gage Skidmore

“Sometimes, when I’m all alone, I pretend grown-ups are still running the country.”
-Kellyanne Conway, White House Crypt Keeper


Resistance fatigue” (loosely defined as when you just can’t even with one more asinine headline, human rights violation or protest) is real, but nut up, snowflakes. It’s more important than ever that we stay engaged. Why? Because it’s working.

Drumpf may not be a “do-nothing” president , but thanks to you, he and his band of arrogant elephants (I’m not smoking peyote, the GOP’s symbol is an elephant, aight?) haven’t been able to get much done. Muslim ban? Hard nope (big ups to the badass members of the judicial branch on those rulings).  How’s about gutting the ethics committee? Hay-ell no.  Oh, and that whole business about privatizing public land? Shutdown. Weren’t they gonna repeal Obamacare? Okay, that one isn’t in the bag – yet (more on that in a later post).


Elephants photo                                                                                                                Photo by Squeezyboy

“Can I sue?”  -Angry Elephant


Hey, they haven’t all been wins.  Deportations are up, your personal data is now fair game , and it looks like at least a partial repeal of the Dodd-Frank regulations could be a reality.  BUT Jason Chaffetz resigned, and I’d say that’s a big win for the whole country.


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*I would like to personally thank whoever created the Trump counters used above, specifically the  Trump Golf Counter, and the Time Until Trump Leaves Office Counter. Well done sir/madame. Well fucking done.*